When you finish the checkout process the system sends you an e-mail with the widgets link. The link expires after 72h.
When the link is expired you can download the widgets in the purchase history page After click on View Details and Downloads
You can download the new version in the purchase history page. The same 'Link expired' procedure.
The office are open (Europe H) from Monday to Friday: 09:30-13:30 and 14:30-18:30
You can use :
Widgets help - You can use Help Desk page or compile the form Help Page or write to help@musewidgets.net .
Other questions - Use the Help Desk Page or write to info@musewidgets.net.
If possible we will make a change, only needs a time.
If possible (Muse has limitations) we will make a new widget with your technical requirements, only needs a time. When the widget is ready we will be on sale on the musewidgets.net site. If you have a membership you can try the demo version and send we your feedback, when is ready you can download it immediately. For the request use the request-page