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Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your user panel. No strings attached! All of the products you downloaded will continue to work even after you cancel
The subscription includes:
1- One-year subscription
2- Unlimited access to all widgets
3- Access to all new widgets
4- Unrestricted access to all new releases and major widget upgrades.
5- Priority assistance
6-Early access to beta widgets!
7-Locked in pricing; as long as you renew, your rate will never change
8- + 60 widgets
9-Cancel anytime, No strings attached!
You can renew your subscription from the user panel, receive an email when the subscription will be expiring. You can not reactivate expired subscription and previous prices.
Our predefined payment is PayPal, you simply need a PayPal account to pay with any card or bank account.
To sign up to our site will only have to press the button (Become a Member) and after in checkout button and pay, If you are not a user of our website you will have only to write your information, the system will automatically create a user. You receive an email with the access data. You can change your data at any time from your user panel.